Entrants for any race in the East Wight Series must have signed a 2019 Entry Form which includes agreement to be bound by the "Risk Statement" in EWCC SI 22 on page 31 of the "regattas.pdf" file, which can be found here and that they consent to their entry details being held by the organising Club in accordance with that Club's Data Protection policy.

Entrants for handicap races will additionally be required to provide information about their boat and either an IRC or ISC handicap or Portsmouth Yardstick number.

Entry Forms will be available on request through Class Secretaries or from the Club Secretaries/Managers of the respective Clubs.

The Entry Form for entrants under 18 must be endorsed by a parent/guardian.

The Club Annual Entry Forms available from BHYC, BSC, SVYC & RVYC are applicable for any race in the East Wight Series. The respective clubs will, on request, provide the Organising Authority with a list of helms/boats in the specified classes who have validly signed an Entry Form.

Entrants must also have paid the relevant entry fee, if any, prior to any race they enter.

Keelboats that appear in the vicinity of the Starting Line prior to their Preparatory Signal will be considered as Starters, provided they have complied with these entry requirements.

In addition to complying with these entry requirements, entrants in centreboard dinghies (including small multihulls) must sign the Sign-On Sheet for each race/event in which they compete in accordance with the requirements of the REGISTRATION & BRIEFING section of the relevant Notice of Race.

Clubs of the EWCC implement the RYA Racing Charter and competitors will be required to undertake to sail in compliance with the Charter, which can be found at the front of the RYA rule book (Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020) or at the RYA website.

In addition to the events included in this programme, clubs may be running events to support the RYA ‘Push the Boat Out’ running during May. Additionlly, supporting "Barts Bash" on Saturday or Sunday 14th/15th September and Isle of Wight Day on Saturday 21st September.